Past Athletes trained by PowerZone

Over the years we have had several students of Power Zone Academy go on to play College/University level ball.  We are proud of all of our students.  Please see the list below to learn more about our collegiate athletes.


Positions Played


Ashley Stuart 3rd Base / Right Field No
Ali Heard 3rd Base / Short Stop Jefferson College – 2013
Alisha Welch 2nd Base / Short Stop UMass Lowell – 2013
Ashley Jongejan Catcher / Short Stop Douglas College – 2013
Chelsea Jenner Offense / 1st Base San Jose State – 2013
Sara Mason Catcher / Short Stop Blinn College – 2013
Jennifer Yee 2nd Base Georgia Tech University – 2004
Brooke Stevens Catcher Oklahoma Baptist University – 2004
Maria Barney Catcher Graceland University – 2005
Brianna Collis Pitcher Valdosta State University – 2005
Ashley Kilian Carl Albert State College – 2006
Michelle Barwig Catcher Concordia College – 2006
Jessica Barclay Outfield University of Detroit Mercy – 2006
Michelle Baner Pitcher University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma – 2006
Melissa Harris 2nd Base Charminade University, HI – 2007
Rachel Graboski Pitcher Valley City State University, ND – 2007
Ashley Vanderveen Pitcher Dodge City Community College, KS – 2008
Kasey Smith Merrimak College, Mass – 2008
Katie McMitchell University of Bridgeport, Conn – 2008
Corrine Doornberg 2nd Base University of Mississippi, MS – 2008
Celine Hayward Dodge City Community College, KS – 2008
Savanna Rutkoroski Barton County Community College, KS – 2008
Alyssa Derksen University of British Columbia, BC – 2008
Lisa Fadden University of British Columbia, BC – 2009
Kelsey Andison Pitcher University of British Columbia, BC – 2009
Aiden McDea Pitcher Butler Community College, KS – 2009
Celene Eccles 2nd Base Jamestown College, KS – 2009
Colleen Bertrand Catcher Minot State University, ND – 2010
Megan Heriot Jamestown College, ND – 2010
Jessica Yakashiro Infielder College of the Desert, CA – 2011
Haley Clark Infielder Clarendon College, TX – 2011
Tessa Loewen 2nd Base Southern Utah University, UT – 2011
Rachel Kolanko Simon Fraser University, BC – 2012
Nicole Ratel Catcher / 1st Base Simon Fraser University, BC – 2012
Haley Wedgewood Catcher Dodge City Community College, KS – 2012
Emma Tuson Pitcher / 1st Base University of British Columbia – 2014
Katherine Murnaghan Catcher / Shortstop Simon Fraser University – 2014
Jordana Goncalves Pitcher / Outfield Concordia University Nebraska – 2014
Makayla Kowaliuk 3rd Base / Shortstop New York University at Buffalo – 2014
Paige Taylor Pitcher / First Base University of Bridgeport – 2015
Callum Pilgrim 2nd Base / Outfield Lindsey Wilson University – 2015
Nicole Braun Catcher / First Base No
Julia Harris 1st Base / Outfield No
Laura Stevens Shortstop / Outfield No
Kelly Halverson Second Base / Catcher Jamestown University – 2015
Maya Sohn Catcher / Outfielder No
Lauren Watson Second Base / Outfield IPFW – 2015
Angelica Evans First Base / Third Base No
Miranda Rosehill 2nd Base / Pitcher / Outfield No
Calli Birch Catcher / Shortstop Blinn Junior College – 2017
Courtney DeAdder 2nd Base / 1st Base Simon Fraser University – 2016
Ariel Wiebe 1st Base / 3rd Base No
Marina Cyr Outfield / 2nd Base No
Chelsea Hotner Catcher / 3rd Base Simon Fraser University – 2016
Noelle Johnson Outfield / 2nd Base No
Cassa Courtney Outfield Douglas College
Emily Sherstone Outfield No
Adriana Bertolini Shortstop / 3rd Base No
Leena Mortensen 1st Base / Outfield No
Maria Palmegiani Catcher / 1st Base IPFW – 2016
Shaina Eyre Pitcher / Outfield No
Megan Smith Shortstop / Utility No
Hanna Finkelstein Pitcher / 3rd Base No
Hailey Lemon Catcher / Offense / 3rd Base No
Kyra Watson Pitcher / 1st Base No
Maria Seminario Outfield No
Tijanne Ross Pitcher / 3rd Base No
Tori Peterson Pitcher / Outfield No
Julia Berka Outfield / 2nd Base No
Katie Korstrom Pitcher / 1st Base No
Makenzie Quinn Pitcher / Right Field No
Taylor Chenard 1st Base / 3rd Base No
Kennedy Galley Outfield No
Allie Thiessen Outfield Verballed to Central Washington – 2019
Taylor Rushton Outfield No
Isabella Boudreau Outfield No
Kyra Wiens Pitcher / 3rd Base San Jose State University – 2019
Brooke de Jonge Outfielder No
Emma Dorval Shortstop / 3rd Base No
Gabby Dorval Catcher / 3rd Base No
Izzy Nicholson Outfielder No
Katie Korstrom Pitcher / 1st Base No
Madison MacGillivray 2nd Base No
Maggie Tomlinson Shortstop / Catcher No
Nicole Sparrow 3rd Base / 1st Base No
Shanieka Hollingworth Pitcher No