Meagan Smith

Player Information:Megan Smith 2015
Citizenship: Canada
Home Town: Victoria, BC
Height: 5`6”
Weight: 140 lbs

Softball Information:
Primary Position: Shortstop Secondary Position: Utility
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Batting Average:
Home to First: 3.06 Home to Home: 11.88

Education Details:
Graduation: 2017
GPA: 4.80
SAT: Writing 2016

Career Softball Highlights:
2013 U14 Canadian Nationals
2012 BC Summer Games – Silver Medalist
2014 BC Summer Games – Bronze Medalist 2014 U16 Canadian Nationals
2014 U16 Canadian Open – Gold Medalist

Awards and Achievements:
Bronze Star/Medallion/ Cross- Lifesaving Accreditation
Game M.V.P.’s at tournaments
Freshman Female Athlete of the Year Award 2014
Cross-Courtney MVP 2014
2015 Provincial Champion 2015 National Champion 2015 National All Star Team

Other Athletic Highlights:
Junior Varsity Volleyball
Junior Varsity Soccer
Junior Varsity Track and Field

Club Coach – Mark Dunlop Email: Junior Varsity/Varsity Basketball
High School Coach – Rockey Vitale Email: Junior Varsity Cross Country