Online Training

FaceTime Lessons

Just like the name suggests, these are screen to screen lessons that can be arranged by booking a time that is convenient for you. FaceTime lessons will allow Coach Dave to see every swing, give player’s immediate feedback, and demonstrate drills in real time on screen.

Price: $20 for each 1/2 hour interval.

Times can be arranged by email at or call Dave at 604 897 8579.

Equipment Rentals: If you need equipment, Coach Dave will also be able to supply that for you. The package can include 2 buckets of balls (you might have to supply buckets), a bow net or front toss screen and a tee. The cost for the whole package is $10/week.  We have about 12 packages available.

Pick up to be arranged. Please email or call Dave at 604 897 8579.

Video Analysis

You can take advantage of Coach Dave’s expertise in hitting instruction. Within 72 hours after sending the video you will receive a voice over explanation of areas to work on and video taped drills that you can use to improve.

The athlete can hit off a tee but front toss would be preferred. 2-4 continuous swings from the open side of the hitter and 2-4 continuous swings from either the front or back are the best. Please use Hudl (downloadable app) for the videos.

Please send them to I will add you to my team and be able to send you the video analysis on Hudl.

The cost of the video analysis is $25.

Softball Skill/Learning Podcasts

Details to follow in the coming week.