Video Analysis

Video Analysis

You can take advantage of Power Zone’s expertise in hitting instruction wherever you are.

“I’ve worked with Dave at Power Zone Academy for 10 years now, and the level of instruction is without question among the best in the world. I starting training at Power Zone in Abbotsford, BC, Canada but after graduating from high school, most of my correspondence with Dave has been via email and the exchange of video of my swings. I have the utmost confidence in Dave as an instructor whether it be in person or remotely. I still send him video 10 years later while playing in Japan!”

Jenn Yee, Canadian Women’s Softball Team

What is included in your video analysis?

Canadian National Team Hitting Coach Dave Paetkau will analyse  your hitting video and will give important feedback on how to improve your swing.  A voice over the video while identifying important points that you require to make you hit better.

Jenn YeeThere may even be comparison video attached to show your swing compared to top hitters like Jen Yee and drills that should help correct problems.  A free follow up consultation video can be submitted within a month of receiving the original to help with making any other corrections.

Video Requirements

3-5 swings from the open side of the hitter and 3-5 swings from either the front or back are required.  The athlete can hit off a tee but front toss would be preferred.  The video file can be sent via email or dtopbox and programs such as Ubersense or Coaches Eye can be used to record the video.

Price:  $60 per video analysis


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