Recruitment Video

“Receiving recruiting videos from Dave Paetkau is always a relief, for many reasons. Dave’s videos begin with quick clips of each area of the player’s game, prior to the player’s introduction. Fifteen seconds into the video you know if you are interested enough to watch more. Hitters hit off of his live pitching and catchers throw down off his live pitching, all skills are shown in a legitimate setting. Of all the videos I’ve seen over the years as a college coach, I would say his are among the best.” Joey Lye (Head Coach Stevenson University)
Parents, it’s important to note that college and university recruiters start looking for prospective players as early as Grade 9.  If your child is interested in going to college or university on a scholarship, planning needs to begin early!

A skills video is required by the prospective coaches so they can see the athletes performance on the field.  Power Zone Academy knows what the coaches are looking for and how to showcase each athletes best skills.

The cost of $400 covers all the following:

  • “When I am looking at a college recruitment video, one of the first things I pay attention to is the way the athlete carries herself while performing her skill. If she seems composed, athletic, strong and coachable then that’s a plus…. it’s good to see the athlete in both game situations and repetitions.” Sara Plourde (UTEP Assistant Coach)
    Video Production

This is an on field filming of the players hitting and two defensive postitions.  This usually takes approximately 2-3 hours.  The player will need to have at least one other teammate there to help with recieving or throwing the ball on defense.  Pitchers will require a catcher.  All players are in uniform and remember that you are promoting yourself so looking professional is important.  The athlete should be ready to work the hardest that they ever have since this is an interview for a 2-4 year sholarship that could be worth from $25,000-$200,000.

  • Video editing

Dave Paetkau has had great success in the past editing the video and he knows exactly what the coaches want to see.  The process takes the hours of raw video and turns it into a 5-8 min finished product that will give the player the best footage to show off their skills.

  • Profile templates

A profile highlight sheet is requested by most coaches that gives them a better idea of the type of athlete that they are trying to recruit.  The profile page includes personal data, statistical data, educational marks and contact information.  Each athlete will need to fill out the template or submit their own profile.

  • Hosting the video and profile on our website

Power Zone Academy’s web site will host the profile and the video via YouTube.  This will give each player a one stop spot that coaches will be able to visit to see thier profile and video.  Power Zone has coaches that visit the web site on a regular basis to see the videos of potential collegiate athletes.

Please contact Power Zone to arrange a time to get your child’s post secondary education opportunities started.

A list of our current athletes can be found by following this link.

A complete list out our past athletes can be found here.

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