Power Pitch and Hit

Power Pitch & Hit Program

Every pitcher who trains their core muscles helps to maximize pitching mechanics and reduce injury so this program combines two 35 minute pitching and hitting lessons along with an intense 20 minute core workout. Players will have the benefit of 70 minutes of semi-private instruction along with a strength training program designed specifically for pitchers. There are 2 players per instructor.

  • 5.5 month program (21 lessons)
  • $200 per month
  • Program runs from mid Oct-Mar on Sunday

Contact Power Zone to register.

All players need an updated Contact Info/Med Release Form Basic PZA 2014.

Programs must be paid by either post-dated cheques or preauthorized credit payments.  Please bring post-dated cheques for the first program day. NOTE: Players may start at any time if space is available and we will pro-rate the cost based on the amount of lessons remaining.